Comar Profumerie

Established in 1981 in Fontevivo, founded by Ernesto Coruzzi and two associates, Comar Profumerie.

After a long and successful experience at Beiersdorf, a Hamburg based company and leader in the distribution of perfumery products, Ernesto Coruzzi alongside two other partners, decided to start their own business for the wholesale of perfumery and pharmaceutical products. It was January 1981 in Fontevivo when Comar was established.

The profitable synergies arising from the previous experience of the three partners, led to the first encouraging commercial feedback in the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Reggio and Modena. Three years later, the initial site measuring 90 m˛ could no longer meet requirements so Comar was relocated to an area in Parma extending 400 m˛. The first employee was also hired, and to this day it is a company with great responsibility.

An efficient business organisation along with the enterprise of Ernesto led to a new and decisive leap: retail. A far-sighted decision which involves more responsibility, but now thanks to strong determination and competence in the industry, it would prove successful. The success was immediate: in the space of a few years, Comar expanded to manage 11 outlets under its own trademark in various Emilian provinces. The achievements do not, however, diminish the drive for improvement that makes Comar one of the most dynamic businesses in the industry.

Attention is constantly focused on increasing qualification of outlets, making quality the primary objective of the company, modernising and often completely renovating the outlets, and offering the products of leading international brands, in line with the growing and more sophisticated demands of a rapidly changing market. In particular, the two historic stores in Fidenza and Parma, opened respectively in September 1990 and December 1996, were completely renovated between 2004 and 2006; added to those two stores more recently, were the Guastalla stores (opened in November 2002), Collecchio (June 2005) and Noceto, the last "born", opened in February 2010. Between 2013 and 2014 all outlets were renovated.

Despite the serious recent years of economic crisis, Comar confirms the great outcome, honouring the professionalism of the associates and all the staff. The accomplishments do not change the business strategies which are always future-oriented;

After over 30 years of business, Comar is on the market today with 5 outlets (Guastalla, Fidenza, Collecchio, Parma and Noceto), a headquarters spanning 900 m˛ in the wholesale centre La Cittadella, with offices, a warehouse, a large exhibition area, 31 employees, a turnover of forty times the first year of operation; All this is proof that a small, dynamic and well-organised company can find its space and succeed in a highly competitive market dominated by large multinational groups.

Ernesto Coruzzi is now supporting the management of Comar by Elizabeth Zatelli, in charge of the administration, and Umberto Coruzzi who mainly deals with the commercial sector. Business continuity is assured with the arrival into the company of one of Ernesto’s two sons and both of Umberto’s. A generational shift that has been able to renew the enterprising entrepreneurial spirit forever in the DNA of Comar, allowing for the future of dealing with the great challenges of the market, with the best prospects.